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New Final Cut Pro Workflows Site

Just created a new site to support the book:

Still a work in progress to be sure, but I expect to be adding to it soon.

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New GW Page

Spent part of the day making a new bio page on the GW site.

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Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punks

Saw a fascinating show at the 9:30 club last week. (Thanks, John for inviting me!)

Turns out that NPR simulcast the whole thing, along with a nice write up.

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Media as Raw Power

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about media as power.

I am interested in the HIV/AIDS issue partly because it is addressable almost 100% through education and empowerment – through media.

This issue, as well as others, is being moved substantially – not by governments but by media stars. And I don’t mean they are just raising money – they are interacting directly with a worldwide audience to educate and change perceptions – with many issues such as HIV/AIDS, this change alone goes a long way to solving the problem.

Some of the folks I work with refer to this as “social marketing” which is an interesting concept.

The lever being used most effectively in many political issues today is not money or might, but media itself.

A critical question to me is what are the most powerful forms of media? How are they being used? and what is the effect?

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Our Amazon Page is Up!

See the Amazon page for Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook.

Pre-order now and get a whopping 34% discount!  : )

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