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Digital Politics

Fascinating event at GW this week.

Great panels, one with the web strategists from the McCain, Obama, and Clinton campaigns, and another with very interesting execs from the big social networking sites.

The highlight for me however was a film called 18 in 08 that I thought was just brilliant.

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Docs in Progress

I finally made it out to one the Docs in Progress events.

This is a cool venue for filmmakers to get open feedback – takes thick skin.

I was especially impressed with Nina‘s new film Matador, which will be completed later this Summer.

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Gear Isn’t Everything

We are writing on ourĀ  book full-time these days, and that last post got me to thinking about one of our major themes:

As the financial ceiling on professional quality production gear lowers, the new mark of professionalism will be the knowledge, creativity, and skill that you bring to a project.

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While I have nowhere near the techno-lust that Rob has, I must admit that it was cool to see a brand new Mac Pro (8 processors, 5 gigs of RAM) and the Panasonic P2 HD camera sitting in my living room.

It reminded me of capturing DV through Firewire into FCP for the first time. That was the Summer of 1999.

I wonder what resolution we will be working in 8 years from now, in 2015?

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