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It’s Official

We now have a page up for the book on the Focal web site with pages on Amazon and the other on-line booksellers to follow.

We are about 95% done the first draft of the manuscript.

Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook will be available in November!

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Any Bright Ideas?

So, there is one thing we are not crazy about with the icons below, and I thought I might put it out there as a question:

What is a better symbol for creativity than a light-bulb?

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Iconography Part 2

Here is our first look at new icons from the designers at Focal. We love the look!

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The book includes three thematic icons that serve as a reference to the content.

We’ve just sent out FPO versions of these icons to the book designers at Focal Press. Below are our rough icons, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Management Technical Creative

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Writing Process

I’m glad to say that the book is coming together slowly but surely.

I find the process, especially because it is a collaboration, fascinating.

In the book, we use the metaphor that editing video is like carving a statue from stone – you just need to cut away the parts that don’t look good.

That works well for the book, but in terms of actually creating the book, I would twist the metaphor around a bit, to say that we are cutting away the stone to make the statue that the stone naturally wants to be.

Which is to say that rather than making intellectual and creative choices, it feels more like we are revealing the true and ideal expression ideas and concepts that we have lived for a long time.

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