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Student Projects

My proudest day so far was last week when we screened the student projects in class. Every team turned out something good. They had strong feedback for each other.  I think everyone actually showed up.

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2 Weeks Left

I can’t believe there are only 2 weeks left in my first college class (teaching that is). The whole experience has been surreal, to be honest.

I was saying to my students the other day that they should be really proud of themselves for making videos and web sites for the first time. There is nothing like the growth and becoming as the first time you experience a new process or role.

This will be true for most of my students when it comes to thier learning curve, but this is the only time it will be true for me.

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Blogging is Addictive

Yikes. I had no idea.

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Feeling a little better about progress on the book

This morning I dove into chapter 3 and made some good progress. Still some meaty questions too . . . Rob and I plan to meet later, so hopefully it continues to become clearer not more cloudy.

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Documentary and Journalism Pt. 1: My Bias

At SMPA, there is a passionate and ongoing intellectual discussion about how documentary should be defined, and specifically whether documentary should be included in the category of journalism.

I believe this to be a complicated question with many aspects to it: philosophical, political, pedagogical, and etc.

Certainly, my own views are colored by the fact that I received a master’s degree in documentary from a journalism college . . .

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