Serial Web Hobbyist

Ok, so I have not written in this blog for a while. However, I am not going to write one of those contrite posts.

Why? Because I am not contrite. You may have seen me on Facebook, or LinkedIn, Playing online Poker (play money only) or even on World of Warcraft (not you would have know my Level 19 Night Elf Hunter was actually me).

You might have even seen some of my posts on the blog from my book:

My point is that for the last couple of years, I have been bopping around the web, trying out what is trendy, getting what I can from it, until I get bored. Then, I move on to something else.

You know what, I am not contrite about that either. I think it makes me a serial web hobbyist, and I am ok with that.

Perhaps the whole idea of cultural allegiance – stay true to your favorite band, favorite team, favorite news site, favorite sitcom, favorite social network . . . is getting just as old as one-way linear broadcast media.

So, maybe you will see me here, or on the Internets, or in some new “place” that has not yet been invented. I’m sure you can find me if you are looking for me, and I am ok with that.