LET THE FIRE BURN Has Breakthrough Year Capped by Grant from Sundance

Most of you who know me know that LET THE FIRE BURN is the independent documentary about the 1985 MOVE conflict and fire that I have been working on pretty much forever.

MOVE members flee their "headquaters" in 1978.

MOVE members flee their "headquarters" in 1978. (photo: Sam Psoras, Philadelphia Inquire)

During the past year or so, I have finally progressed beyond a nascent project just hinting at the potential for a film to an advanced work-in-progress that is starting to gain momentum and recognition.

Recent progress includes:

  • Participation in Independent Film Week 2010, the oldest forum for emerging independent films and filmmakers.
  • Andrew Herwitz, president of The Film Sales Company, joining the project as sales agent and executive producer.  Andrew has been instrumental in some of the most successful independent documentary releases of all time.
  • In collaboration with Dorothy Gilliam, director of SMPA’s Prime Media Movers program, hosting a  pre-screening with National Association of Black Journalists members who covered the tragedy at the time, including former Philadelphia Inquirer journalists Vanessa Williams and Elmer Smith, NABJ founder Paul Delaney, former Washington Post journalists Richard Prince and Bill Raspberry, and George Curry, who covered it for the Chicago Tribune.
  • The award of a $30,000 grant from the Sundance Documentary Fund. This means not only much-needed funds to continue work but also entry into an exclusive collaborative peer group and that includes numerous opportunities for workshopping, mentoring, and fellowship.

Wow. It’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Here is SMPA’s write-up and our new IMDb page (not much there yet, it but makes me happy to see it). i’ll be getting a dedicated website up soon, but if you want to get updates, you can sign up here on the film page of this site.


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  2. Yao Ladzekpo

    Wow! this is wonderful and appreciate the quality of your writing. Jason I must confess today that, YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL FOR ME. I will always look up to you for your innovations, creativity, humility, ingenuity, hard work etc.

    • Jason

      Yao, you are too kind. I am certain that I learned as much from you as you did from me. I hope to see you again soon, brother.