Michael Moore in Cuba

I am not the biggest fan of Michael Moore. I think he has given doc makers a bad rep. I do think that Roger and Me is good, and Bowling for Columbine is actually a great film. Most of his other work, I can take or leave.

Anyway, Moore is in the news again this week. It seems he went to Cuba for his latest film, and the now the Bush administration has begun an investigation into whether he violated the Cuba travel ban.

Now, IMHO, the travel ban is one of the sillier things this government has done in the last 50 years. In this case, the administration seems to be giving an adversary exactly what he wants: publicity.

There is a parallel here to some more important issues. Today, Michael Moore is beside himself with joy, knowing that his place in the spotlight has been assured. On the day we invaded Iraq, Osama Bin Laden was similarly beside himself with joy, knowing that the war he sought to ignite would sustain for years to come.