While praxis usually refers to the process of putting theoretical knowledge into practice, the strategic and organizational usage of the word emphasizes the need for a constant cycle of conceptualizing the meanings of what can be learned from experience in order to reframe strategic and operational models.

– from Wikipedia


  1. Great to see that the Media Soup blog continues. And that blogging horizons will be expanded by the new spring 08 course! This comment of mine really applies to several past entries–including the one that reaches such a positive conclusion about the 112 class this spring. So glad this worked–and that it will continue to evolve! Also fun to see the class picture.

    On the question of praxis–I think this is what our School is really about–letting theory inform practice and vice versa. Increasingly, universities are using the term “Professor of the Practice” to identify people whose base has been in the non academic world–but whose University work is nonetheless professorial–contributing to an essential, ongoing conversation between pracitce and theory.

    Finally, concerning the fascinating entry on the “chillling” effect–the self censoring that can set in concerning controversial issues–I surely understand how common and natural this develpment can be. But I would hope, over the long run at least , that at least two institutions–the news media and the university– will be seen as havens where the chilling effect is minimized–where individual comment and controversy are fostered and encouraged. I would love to see the SMPA culture develop even more in that direction.

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