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It was high time to redo this site, but why steal the image from Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest for the header?

Well, mostly because I thought it looked cool and Hitchcock inspires me. (Though, I’m am hardly alone in that of course).

I’ve always liked the film and especially that scene. Cary Grant still has no clue what is going on and then suddenly, he is being mowed down by machine gun fire from a bi-plane!

I see it as symbolic: we all go through life without the slightest knowledge of the forces that can strike us down at any moment.

There are some cool optical effects used in the scene also. The plane is actually shot by itself, then projected on a screen. Cary Grant runs in front of the screen and then they shot the two together for the final composite. Looks realer than Lord of the Rings AFAIC.

The opening sequence of the film is also groundbreaking in terms of technology and design.

As I was researching this a bit, I ran across another Hitchcock frame that worked well in a banner. However, there is SO much written about Rear Window, voyeurism and the etc. that I went with my first idea.

Still this one makes a pretty cool banner too.

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  1. Mark Cattell

    The perfect spy movie. I never tire of seeing it. Music score outstanding as well – final scene seriously funny Freudian wink at the audience.