SMPA Majors’ Meeting

Last night I went to the SMPA majors’ meeting at GW.

The word “impressive” does not do justice to the people who are now my students and colleagues. I am filled with a sense of awe and disbelief that I can be respected as an expert by these students and (even more so) as an equal with these professors.

Frank Sesno gave an EXCELLENT talk with an incredibly positive and inspirational view of journalism.

Director Lee Huebner‘s talk included the provocative idea that SMPA can be THE BEST school of media and public affairs in the country. This claim was made with good humor, but absolutely no hyperbole.

One of my 112 students won an award, and all of the award winners were (again) beyond impressive.

One of my other students, on the way out, said “These guys make me feel like a slacker.”

My answer: “Me too!”

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  1. Frank Sesno IS an impressive speaker, and he needs to teach his class again at GMU. Or I have to crack the code to take something of his at GW. BTW, is there a limit on the number of schools at which a scholar can claim professorship?

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